Hansen Brokerage Services, Inc. is in the business of assisting Financial Professionals, CPA’s, and Attorneys help their clients grow, protect and preserve, and transfer assets during life and at death.  We do this through an integrated process we call Asset Evaluation.  We specifically work with you and your clients through the Financial Review:

— The Insurance Review
— Business Succession Planning
— Asset Review
— The Estate Review
— Qualified Plans Review
— Gifting and Taking Care of Family
— Creating a Legacy

At HBS, Inc. we believe that your primary job and focus should be managing your relationship with your client.  Our office also provides an experienced staff to act as your back room technician.  Our office will assist you in six specific areas:

— Training and Education
— Case Design
— Case Management
— Marketing and Sales Support
— Coaching
— Products and Carriers

At Hansen Brokerage Services, Inc. not only do we have all the major carriers and products; we have a team of resources with over 130 years of combined experience. Our office is a leader in providing the tools for you to become your client’s financial professional.  You do not have to be an expert in all areas.  As your resource, HBS, Inc. will provide you with the tools to have a conversation with your clients on all seven issues.  If you are interested in working with us or becoming a part of our evaluation program, please contact us.

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