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Life Insurance


Our carriers offer a wide selection of Life Insurance products to fit various needs and scenarios.  Individual or multi-life, fixed or variable,  knowing the product’s unique niches are important to securing competitive pricing and requested features for each situation.

  • Term Life– products include 10 -40 year term options for family and business protection strategies
  • Whole Life– Dividend or non-dividend paying, including lower face amount products
  • Universal Life– options include: Indexed, Variable, Guaranteed, Survivorship polices for family protection, wealth transfer, supplemental retirement, legacy planning, and key person strategies.
  • Long Term Care Riders– Living Benefit options give clients the opportunity to access death benefits in the event of a long term care need.

Long Term Care


LTC products have changed significantly in the past few years.  While traditional long term care products exist, most client interest leans toward Asset based single premium or short pay products that provide a Return of Premium, Guaranteed rates and coverage, death benefit if never used for LTC, and greater leverage for premium dollars spent.

  • Long Term Care products cover:
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health Care

There are differences in each product.  The Hansen Team is ready to assist you in finding the optimal solution for your client.

Disability Income


Income Protection policies are offered for individuals with varied occupations and incomes.  Policies include non-cancelable or guaranteed renewable premium rates and conditionally renewable. Features can include:

  • Residual benefits
  • Recovery (return to work) benefits
  • Future Insurability
  • COLA riders
  • Own Occupation Extensions
  • Social Insurance offset
  • Supplemental monthly benefits

Disability Policies can also cover:

  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Loans
  • Partner Buy Outs


Utilize the following worksheet and let us help you design a disability solution for your client!

Disability Worksheet Link



We offer annuities from carriers with the highest ratings available and designed with competitive interest rates and flexible surrender charges for both the qualified  and non- qualified marketplace.  Options include:  immediate or deferred, fixed, indexed

AIP annuity link



  • Ease of Case Design:  Underwriting guidance, quoting, carrier selection
  • Point of Sale Assistance:  Point of Sale assistance includes the following:
    • Presenting and consulting with the client
    • Assistance with App submission and paperwork
    • Follow up with client during the underwriting process
  • Marketing: life insurance concepts targeted at specific demographics, approved marketing pieces ready to be customized with your logo and contact information.
  • Sales Ideas:  Industry leading concepts, including timely topics involving tax law changes and current financial outlook information. The team will keep you up-to-date on product innovations, and underwriting niches
  • Ease of submission:  Life Insurance carriers are increasingly offering electronic online applications, quick apps, and other easy application options. We can help direct you to the application process best suited to your scenario
  • Ease of Case Management:  Case Managers order and coordinate para med exams, doctor records retrieval, constantly communicating with underwriters to keep your cases moving through the process.
  • Ease of licensing:  The Hansen team assists in handling appointments with carriers as needed
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